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Do you want your very own fitness coach, exercise guru and cheerleader to support you in achieving your fitness goals?

All our trainers are credentialed and experienced experts in wellness, exercise and fitness assessments. Our personal trainers excel at combining their knowledge and expertise with your goals to create a unique training program tailored to your specific needs. 

Let our professional SBAC personal trainers develop a customized program just for you. 


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Meet our trainers

Yoga instructor

Rachel Adams

Yoga instructor Gym Instructor

Sofia Karim

Gym Instructor Box Instructor

Gerald Situmorang

Box Instructor Gym Instructor

Uliluwo Santiago

Gym Instructor Yoga instructor

Abias Mandra

Yoga instructor Gym Instructor

Irfan Andika

Gym Instructor Box Instructor

Jonathan Lessi

Box Instructor Gym Instructor

Fenita Roger

Gym Instructor